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Price Match

At, our price match policy is simple! Should you find the same item for a lower price from a competitor at the time of purchase, contact us and we'll match it based on the following guidelines:

  • We must be able to confirm the lower price in writing (on a website, published in an
    advertisement, etc.).
  • If the price is actually below our cost (plus shipping and handling), we'll offer the product to you at our cost (plus shipping and handling).
  • If the item has a manufacturer's minimum sale price policy, we are obligated not to sell below that price.
  • If the item has a manufacturer's authorized dealer policy, we will only match prices from other authorized dealers.

You may call us at 877-743-2269 or use our price match form located on all item pages on our sites to request a price match.

Our Price Match Guarantee excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, membership clubs, and auction websites. The internet site must have the exact brand and model available for purchase and delivery. Out-of-stock or back-ordered items are not eligible.

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