Advantages Of Gas Logs


  • Convenient starting with the turn of a valve or an on/off switch
  • No hassle of changing out wood logs
  • No ashes to clean out of the fireplace or log debris to clean


  • Gas logs elmininate dangerous flying sparks
  • Dramatically reduce creosote buildup inside the chimney
  • No need to leave the house for firewood

Efficient & Longlasting

  • Gas logs outlast conventional wood
  • Great source of heat and light during power outages
  • Offers enjoyment year after year without stocking and replacing firewood

Environmentally Friendly

  • Burns much cleaner than traditional fires
  • Clean burning gas fuel significantly reduces chance of chimney fire

Cost Effective

  • Gas logs are a fraction of the cost of a traditional fire
  • Yearly costs of buying and stacking firewood are eliminated
  • No need to clean out the chimney every season
  • Gas is less expensive and more efficient per BTU