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Vented vs Vent-Free Gas Logs

We have the facts on vented gas logs vs. vent-free gas logs (also known as "ventless"). Learn the difference between venting types and how to tell which one is best for your fireplace.


Vented gas logs are the most popular type of gas logs. They must be installed with a chimney, which limits the heating efficiency. Vented gas logs most resemble a realistic wood fire, more than vent-free logs, and are very flexible which means logs can be repositioned.

Vent-Free (Ventless)

Vent-Free gas logs do not require a chimney to be installed in your home. They are very efficient as a primary heat source, because vent-free logs produce high heat! All are equipped with an ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) while special permits may apply. Vent-free gas logs must be laid out in a specific arrangment so that the flame does not come in direct contact with the logs, so you can not reposition your logs.