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Determine Your Fireplace Type

Determine your fireplace type with this simple guide. You will learn that there are primarily two types of fireplaces, both of which are based on how many openings it has.

Standard Fireplaces

Standard Fireplaces Standard gas log sets are for fireplaces that have an opening on only 1 side. Most fireplaces are standard fireplaces and are only "open" are one end.

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See-Thru Fireplaces

See-Thru Fireplaces See-Thru gas log sets are for fireplaces that have openings on both sides (like a fireplace that has an opening facing your den and one facing your dining room). You can also place "See-Thru" gas log sets in peninsula fireplaces (openings on 3 sides). "See-Thru" log sets are "finished" on all sides so they look very nice from any angle. Standard gas log sets are only "finished" on the front side.

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